Hospitality Insiders

Together we count with over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry. We have worked for major brands such as Soho House & Co., Conservatorium Hotel, AC and NH Hotels. In Spotlight we know how the operation and management of hotels and restaurants work, from the F&B department, through to finance, communication and marketing, spa, events, front desk and reservations. This knowledge allows us to design and create communications and marketing strategies that can be easily implemented.


We are dedicated and focus exclusively on hotels, restaurants and brands within the hospitality industry. This is our core.


Our way of working is personal and approachable. We strive to become part of the team. We make our projects our own and get involved in the day to day with the aim of achieving the best measurable results. We do not believe in large teams and this why we rely on a wide network of partners and collaborators.


Proactivity is part of our DNA. It describes our way of working in face of the challenges that are presented to us. We move forward and anticipate the needs of our clients always contributing with new ideas, content and solutions.

Tailor-made projects

We combine creativity, expertise and strategy to create unique and personalized projects. We adapt to each business model, respecting its structures, teams, economic capabilities and brand values.


We feel passion, love and vocation for the world of hospitality in all of its forms and manifestations. We believe that it has the power to connect people and their lives in a natural way through experiences. For this reason, we establish close and personal links with all our clients to bring them to their maximum exponent.

We are strategic, creative, and we like to try and experience the newest and trendiest hospitality concepts with the aim of creating and comunicating unique stories.

We have lived in different cities around the world, which makes us an open-minded international tandem. Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, London, Barcelona are some of the cities that have seen us develop and grow personally and professionally.

We are constantly searching for new concepts and new ways of understanding gastronomy and hospitality. When we travel, on our road map we always have MUST visits to selected hotels and restaurants. We enter and explore each lobby, room, hallways and in short, we soak, inspire and collect new ideas that we then translate into new projects.

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