The communications and marketing agency in Barcelona specialized in hotels, restaurants and hospitality brands

What we offer

We position and boost new and already existing businesses in the hospitality sector.

We combine storytelling and strategy to make the hospitality world both exciting and moving whilst successful.

We create, narrate and share the best stories through a marketing and communications 360 degree approach. Our objective is that hotels, restaurants and hospitality brands connect and build customers loyalty with current and potential new clients.


Communications and PR Strategy

We like to define ourselves as strategists and this is the reason why we enjoy designing and developing 100% personalized communication strategies tailor-made to our client’s needs and KPIs.
Thanks to our extensive local and international network of contacts and our close and daily contact with the media, influencers and opinion leaders, we ensure a great media impact for both online and offline channels. Sending press releases, managing collaborations with influencers or creating a network of ambassadors are just a few examples of the services we offer as an agency.

Digital Marketing

The digital environment is one of our most demanded services. In a world where new technologies are becoming more prevalent, from Spotlight we elaborate and develop digital strategies offering services which go from social media and community management, SEO / SEM to email marketing and online advertising campaigns (social ads). By working on all these areas of digital marketing, we are able to boost business online, obtaining visibility, reaching potential new clients and maximizing campaigns ROI´s.

Content Creation

The human brain processes images in just 13 thousandths of a second, this is the short period of time we have to impact our target audience. At Spotlight we are aware of this and that is why we are dedicated to creating surprising, unique and different content that provides brand credibility and remains in the consumer's minds. We personally take charge of the project’s artistic direction and together with the best professionals in photography, videography, copywriting and web design sector we execute them.


We believe in the importance of being able to live first-person experiences and the effect and impact they have on our memory. This is what we call experience marketing and the events we organize are part of it. We design, manage and coordinate opening events, lunches, dinners and trips with media, influencers and opinion leaders. We have the necessary organizational skills to make the most impact without you having to worry about a thing.

Reporting & Results

What cannot be measured, cannot be improved. Under this premise we strive to offer all our clients ad-hoc reports compiling results that are measurable and understandable. Through a monthly report, we analyze each result obtained and draw up a series of conclusions with the aim of improving our strategies and being able to continue achieving the objectives set.

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